Caterpillars are the larvae from butterflies and moths. They look like little worms with 6 legs near the head and some additional stumps at the other end. Caterpillars have a wide range of colours, usually those that allow them to camouflage, browns, yellows and greens prevail. They come with smooth skin, covered in bristly hairs [more]


Dealing with caterpillars

Depending on the severity of the caterpillar impact there are several options. Always first try to use preventive measures to avoid caterpillar problems: Preventive measures: Plant companion plants! Avoid dry stress and mulch beds in dry conditions. Avoid underfeeding of plants. Regularly, every second week and after strong rain apply worm-juice or seaweed solution (should [more]


Orchard swallowtail

  Who says that pests have to be ugly? The adult stage of this animal is a beautiful butterfly. Indigenous to eastern Australia and PNG these butterflies have a wingspan of up to 14 cm. They are mostly black and white with red, orange and blue patterns on their back wings. The larvae is a [more]