Hands-on urban veggie gardening workshops

Would you like to develop your own (balcony) veggie and herb garden? Members of Mort Bay Community garden will help you to grow your skills in a relaxed environment with like-minded friends. Learn to build up, test and maintain healthy soil. Produce your own compost and worm castings. Grow your own seedlings and propagate by [more]



Phallus rubicundus is the name of this odd looking mushroom in the family of stinkhorns. It’s up to 20 cm long fruit bodies emerge and grow within few hours on warm and moist Spring or Autumn days. Organic matter and mulch offer them great growing conditions. They topple over and decay within a day or [more]


Transplanting Seedlings

If plants are started in a seedbed, they need to be singled out after 3 to 4 weeks. We do this, so the individual plant gets more soil to grow it’s roots in and to reduce competition. The seedlings should show at least 4 adult leaves and should be 4 to 5 cm high before [more]


Remembering Marika

Have you seen the white plaque set in stone in the native bushland near the picnic area of the garden? If you come closer you can read: Marika (Sam) Baumann 20th May 2015 Founding member of this garden In loving memory from family & friends ~~~ Marika passed away in 2015. Together with her loving [more]