Growing seedlings


At Mort Bay Community Garden we raise our plants from seeds.
This way we:

  • get a wide variety of plants
  • can choose the strongest seedlings that will grow best in the garden
  • can grow them in large numbers
  • save a lot of money compared to buying seedlings

Not all plants need to be raised as seedlings. Legumes for instance, do very well sown directly into the garden. Root vegetables don’t like to be transplanted at all and should be sown directly into the beds.

Help us and become a germinator!

All the seedlings we plant are grown by members at their home. Our members raise seedlings of lettuces, herbs, silverbeets, chards, tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants, squash and zucchinis, kales and cabbage varieties.

As a member you are more than welcome to join this group and help raising seedlings, just let us know.

  • You will usually take care of one or two batches of seedlings at a time.
  • Seedlings mature in about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the variety and weather conditions.
  • You can always pass your seedlings on to another member if something comes up.
  • You will get advice and feedback to help you on your way.

Generally, raising seedlings is a two-step process. First, seeds are germinated in small seed beds. When the seedlings are about 5 cm high and have several sets of leaves they are singled out into individual pots. They are then grown to a height of 10 to 15, mature enough to be transplanted out into the garden beds.

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