Hands-on urban veggie gardening workshops


Would you like to develop your own (balcony) veggie and herb garden? Members of Mort Bay Community garden will help you to grow your skills in a relaxed environment with like-minded friends.

Learn to build up, test and maintain healthy soil. Produce your own compost and worm castings. Grow your own seedlings and propagate by layering and root division. Understand the needs of different plant families. Get on top of what is bugging your plants and how to manage pests. Learn about beneficial insects and companion plants.

We are offering six workshops with demonstrations, hands on experience and information hand outs. The workshops start in July and will run until October.

The workshops are free for members the members of the communtity garden. Admission for non members is $10 per workshop, or you can become a member on the spot for $30 and get all workshops for free.

8 July, 12.15pm

  • What is good soil made off and how do I improve my soil?
  • Testing for soil pollution
  • Testing and adjusting acidity
  • Water retention and drainage
  • Fertilisers and trace elements

22 July, 12.15pm

  • Crop rotation
  • Understanding the needs of different plant families
  • Summer and Winter crops

12 August, 12.15pm

  • Making compost
  • Worm farming

9 September, 12.15pm

  • Raising your own seedlings from seeds
  • Learn to propagate plants through layering and root division

23 September, 12.15pm

  • What is eating my plants? How to avoid problems with caterpillars and grubs.
  • Companion plants and beneficial insects
  • Dealing with chewing pests

28 October, 12.15pm

  • Looking healthy today and wilted tomorrow? Preventing sucking pests and fungal infections
  • Creating a healthy environment for stronger plants
  • Dealing with aphids and mildew